Thursday, 20 March 2014


So it's been quite a few months since I have blogged but
I  got a new dog called Frankie for a bro for my other dog Ollie and he is quite the little character. Ollie is fascinated by him and protective..not that the little guy needs protecting. 
They really are the best of friends. 
I have no idea what he is do but I think possibly a Corgi x Caviller King Charles? He came to me in quite a bad state the poor thing and was untrusting of people especially men but now he is so loving and independent.
He is actually bigger than Ollie now which is mad but I don't think he will get much bigger as he is about 7 months?

I will have loads more to come such and new vidoes soon. Things have been stressful and I haven't been able to blog or make them. But I miss it and will be back better than ever :)
See you's soon 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Halloween: D.I.Y. Mrs Claus!

Hey Guys! Hope you's all had a great Halloween :) As you can see I dressed up as Mrs. Claus ;) This costume was made last minute but I said last year that if I was to dress up this year I would be Mrs. Claus for two reasons:
1. My mother dressed up as it when she was younger and loved her costume and wanted me to also be it for pictures..How cute :')
2. I gave it the definite Yes after seeing Miss Barbara Palvin walking the vsfs as Mrs Claus, She looked so Gorgeous...It also inspired my hair and makeup.

The dress is a dress that I have had for years! like since I was 14! I had never worn it before and I altered it a lot as you will see below and the only thing I had to but was gloves, they had no black anywhere so I had to use red which I didn't mind and they cost like 4 it was a pretty cheap costume which was good since I was only going to wear it once :)

As for my Halloween it was okay, The nightclub we went to wasn't the greatest do and all the people it were so young so I left kinda early because I prefer clubs with an older crowd and always have. But I was wearing a fake ring because I was meant to be "married to Santa" but it came in handy when creeps were around ha

I was in such a a rush leaving that I forgot to take a video of my outfit do :(

Barbara Palvin VSFS

Eye Makeup you can't see it in these photos but there's gold glitter all over the light gold colour and all in the inner corners of my eye.

Getting ready

 OMG! This guy dressed as Santa would not stop hassling me till I took a picture with him! 

My friend who I went with who was dressed as a Sailor!

Dress Before Altering (actually the front of dress was pinned to length I was going to sow it to.

Finished Dress :)

Gloves - Accessorize
Dress - Asos
Boots - New look
Belt - New look

Any ways I was out a few times lately and I have posts on them also I have a lot more to come!

Friday, 13 September 2013

My 'no' makeup makeup & Update!

Hey guy's I thought I would do a quick post to show one of the makeup looks I have been wearing lately. It's very natural and looks like an enhanced version of my skin, also since I have gone lighter I haven't been wearing tan so and I'm naturally very pale but I have been embracing it especially with it now being autumn/winter time :) It is quite a contoured look and I love Tom Ford's shape and illuminate as you can blend it to look so natural! For the eyes I wear a white eyeliner and small/medium winger out cat eye on top and a coat of two of mascara :) a  I love this look and I have been also wearing it during the day with a nude lip or dark purpley lip/burgandy lip or with an orangey red lipstick which kinda changes the look :)

As for me things have been going okay I have been busy with makeup and I have made some changes in my personal life with friends and the likes that are going well and I feel very hopefully that things are going to change for me this year and that new people will come into my life for the better and I'm so young and I am trying to figure alot of things out still! And I although I have big dreams for myself I just have to try be in the now and figure the best routes for myself. I can only hope that things work out but I don't know I don't want to jinx myself :p I know I'm a good person and I'm trying everyday to become the best version of myself :) But for today I am just going to relax as I am not feeling to great but hopefully I'll be back on form in a few days!

So I am planning on making more tutorials and posting as much as I can. If you have any ideas or suggestions of looks you want to see please do not hesitate to tell me :) I am also going to post what I have been eating again and some weekly inspiration for working out because I want a better body not that mine is bad at all but it could definitely be better. I will also try post daily looks and makeup for you's!
See you's really soon!